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Specialist Training for the Theatre & Cinema Industry


Fairway Training (Healthcare) Ltd trained theatre staff in bespoke courses on Autism Awareness based solely around their requirements for the Relaxed Performance.
These consisted of:

Bespoke Autism Awareness training sessions (directed specifically to the theatre) with members of the theatres staff. This included understanding the triad of impairment (social communication, social interaction and social imagination) and how this can impact with people on the spectrum when attending the theatre.

Identification of sensory needs, considering potential hypo and hyper sensory issues.

Keeping in close contact with the Access Team at the Grand Theatre and other theatre staff on a consultancy level to aid when necessary.

Advising on how to set up “sensory” areas (the theatre are calling these “chill out zones”).

Observe the pantomime’s full performance and then advise on how to potentially change certain aspects to attempt that any “autistic meltdowns” (due to sensory overload) are kept to a minimum.

Produce alternative communication systems that need to be used for young people with varying forms of communication. This has included advise on picture boards, signs and symbols etc.

This has been an extremely successful project and everyone involved has thoroughly enjoyed it.

We offer over 100+ courses across the UK, some of the other courses that we offer that may be useful within your organisation include:

• Behaviour That Challenges Us
• Child Protection
• De-escalation
• Equality & Diversity
• First Aid (including Paediatric)
• Food Safety
• Health & Safety
• Manual Handling
• SOVA – Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults


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